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Bad Reputation

Episode 80: Bad Country Babes – Truck Talk

This week we shake things up like the two main artists we talk about. Country music has always had some strict rules, especially when it came to the behavior of women. But we’ve had the pleasure of seeing some ladies not taking it and defying the standard set out for them. Like Loretta Lynn before […]

Bad Reputation

Episode 78: Oasis – Fired From The Carpet Store

Take a nostalgic ride with us back to the 90’s when Britpop was king and Oasis was on the front lines to take the world by storm. They started out as a group of five guys who just wanted to make music and quickly escalated into a best-selling band around the world. But even more […]


Episode 77: Madonna Part 2 – Primetime Butts

We conclude the tale of total pop icon Madonna with her boom into the 90’s that turned into her current presence in today’s music scene. With more hot takes than we initially thought possible. Her movie career takes off, she finds love and family, and after her music career takes a turn for the mature, […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 73: Talking Heads – So New, So Wavey

We’re back at it this week to talk about a band whose music you know oh so well, but whose story is a little harder to get the deets on. Talking Heads started out as a trio of art students just trying to express their disdain for the status quo using sarcasm and metaphors. Little […]


Episode 70: Elliott Smith- The Woodwind Boys

In our continuing series for Mental Health Awareness month, we talk depression with the amazing singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. You may be surprised when we tell you what fantastic movie soundtracks you may remember him from. Covering his abusive childhood, to his struggles to create his music despite the things that hindered him from wanting success. […]