Beyond the Band

Episode 145: Ringo Starr – Ringle Dingle ‘Em

We’re taking the next several weeks to look at each Beatle as an individual, and we’re starting with someone who raises different controversy than the other three. Ringo Starr has to be one of the most underrated musicians in history. One would think his inclusion in the biggest band of all time would earn him […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 142: The B-52’s – There Ya Go!

This week we want to shine a light on one a band whose true talents get overlooked. The B-52’s may seem like just your standard party band, but they are so much more than that. Their technically sound instrumentation mixed with quirky lyrics run much deeper than a simple song about piling into a massive […]

Bad Reputation

Episode 139: Nine Inch Nails Part 1 – Angry Janitor

We start to tell the tale of the band that brought industrial music to the mainstream, or more specifically, the man. Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor, a kid from the midwest who knew there was more out there for him than corn fields and quiet communities. But his journey was a real personal struggle, […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 138: Pat Benatar – Go Sit In The Parking Lot

This week we finally cover a true feminist rock icon. Pat Benatar didn’t believe she needed to compromise her values just to sell a record. And since her fame exploded in the 80’s, she has been influencing people all around the world to do the same. We discuss where her iconic looks came from, how […]