Who's That Girl?

Episode 138: Pat Benatar – Go Sit In The Parking Lot

This week we finally cover a true feminist rock icon. Pat Benatar didn’t believe she needed to compromise her values just to sell a record. And since her fame exploded in the 80’s, she has been influencing people all around the world to do the same. We discuss where her iconic looks came from, how […]

Spoop Your Pants

Episode 135: True Crime in Music II – 24/7 Existential Crisis

We are continuing Halloween month by bringing back true crime stories, involving people in the music biz who have abused their power and influence and try to get away with some of the most heinous crimes. We tell the tales of two absolutely influential producers- first we discuss Lawrence Horn, famous for developing new layering […]

Big Bag of Nope

Episode 134: GG Allin- The King of BTFU

We are kicking off Halloween month with a pretty horrifying story. GG Allin’s life was terrible from the get-go, and it didn’t get any better as he grew up. Some think he was a legendary performer, while others see his on stage antics as downright criminal (cause they were). His unbelievable actions on and off […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 133: The Ramones Part 3 – Johnny, Angry Johnny

In this episode we conclude the story about our lovable goons, The Ramones! After all they’ve been through, you’d think they were invincible, but alas, this band does decide to call it quits. But not before they have a few more wild adventures and make a few more killer tunes. Hear about the many conflicts […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 132: The Ramones Part 2 – Getting To Know You Gun Play

The second installment of the Ramones story is filled with the stuff of rock n’ roll legend. We explain their influence on UK punk, get more in depth about the band mates contrasting personalities, and give audible shock and awe at the shenanigans that were pulled when they worked with Phil Spector. They’re working hard […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 131: The Ramones Part 1 – Embrace The Goon

It’s time to come in with another heavy hitter in the world of music! The Ramones are a beloved part of rock history, but they weren’t always viewed that way. From the very beginning, their career was filled with bumps and challenges. But they continued to work hard to create a sound that we hadn’t […]

Unknown Pleasures

Episode 130: Anvil – He Was A Lunchman

Sit back and be prepared for a true underdog story this week! You’ve heard us talk about the satire that is Spinal Tap, but are you ready to hear the tale of the real life Spinal Tap? Anvil is one of the originators of Speed Metal and you probably never even heard of them. We […]