Music History

Episode 174: Rock Against Racism – Great, Britain

A tale that is as relevant today as it was at its origin. In response to some unsavory racists in the UK, many musicians took to their platforms to protest the toxic political ideals that were rampant during the 70s. Punks took to creating a movement that brought people together in unity and fight fascism. […]

Unsung Heroes

Episode 172: Poly Styrene – Write A Prescription For Adventure

Many don’t know who the Xray Spex were, but without them, the punk and New Wave movements would’ve been a lot less exciting. Especially thanks to lead singer/songwriter, Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, better known as Poly Styrene. This woman did not spend too long in the spotlight, but for the brief time that she did, it […]

Unknown Pleasures

Episode 170: Run The Jewels – HOTLANTA!

Run The Jewels is one of the most talented, creative, politically charged, and intelligent rap duos to date. Killer Mike and El-P got together on a whim and immediately connected, not realizing that a one off collaboration would turn into an honest to goodness musical group. They came from different places, but their passions are […]

Unsung Heroes

Episode 169: Frankie Knuckles – It’s Donuts!

In the ashes of Disco came the beginning of electronic music as we knew it with House music. And Frankie Knuckles was one of its founding fathers, using his passion and inspiration to mix songs in ways that had never been heard before. He never wanted the party to stop and as long as he […]

Bad Reputation

Episode 167: Annie Lennox Part 1 – I Am Girl

Annie Lennox did not become an icon overnight. It took a lot of hard work and trudging through the BS to get where she is today. And don’t get it twisted, just because she grew up with a classically trained background, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have the desire to jump into the pop world […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 166: Lita Ford – Oh No

Many refer to her as the Queen of Metal, and for good reason. Lita Ford got her start in music as a member of the iconic Runaways back in the 70’s. They may have only lasted a few years, but it was the education of a lifetime. Afterwards Lita would build herself a solo career […]

Unknown Pleasures

Episode 165: Death – Cigarette Butt On Wheels

Not the punk band, we’ve told their story already. This time we’re bringing you the story of the most influential, yet under-celebrated bands in metal, Death! Mainly the only consistent member, Chuck Schuldiner. Hear about his childhood and how he would become a non-stop creative force to change the face of the metal scene going […]