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Who's That Girl?

Episode 182: Lizzo – Spicy Bass

The newest artist we have covered to date, Lizzo has already begun to change the face of music as we know it. Not only are her songs catchy beyond belief, but they are full of messages of self love and body acceptance. Many think she was an overnight success, but nothing could be farther from […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 166: Lita Ford – Oh No

Many refer to her as the Queen of Metal, and for good reason. Lita Ford got her start in music as a member of the iconic Runaways back in the 70’s. They may have only lasted a few years, but it was the education of a lifetime. Afterwards Lita would build herself a solo career […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 154: Sia – Peak Big Pharma

First she tried to make a name for herself as a singer. Then she tried to make one as a songwriter. And now, she’s both. Sia has been around a lot longer than most might realize, getting her start in the late 90s and quickly realizing that being on stage caused some real anxiety. Soon […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 138: Pat Benatar – Go Sit In The Parking Lot

This week we finally cover a true feminist rock icon. Pat Benatar didn’t believe she needed to compromise her values just to sell a record. And since her fame exploded in the 80’s, she has been influencing people all around the world to do the same. We discuss where her iconic looks came from, how […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 112: Janis Joplin – Good Chet

We close off Women’s History Month with one of the most influential women in all of music. Janis Joplin had a short career, but that doesn’t take away from the impact she made. Her rise may have been quick, but it wasn’t easy, she had many stumbles along the way. We look to demystify the […]

Who's That Girl?

Episode 108: Selena- Young And Fun Adults

Once again, we are spending the month of March talking about some of the most influential women in the world of music. And we’re kicking it off with a truly legendary singer. Selena was barely in her 20’s when she was crowned the Queen of Tejano, a genre of music that is a real boy’s […]