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Unauthorized Discography

Episode 15: Nirvana’s In Utero- Waif Me

It’s time for another album review and this week we are chatting up about Nirvana’s final album- In Utero. Learn the stories behind each song and the controversies that this album created from the artwork to the lyrics. There are a lot of Courtney Love hot takes (because we can’t help ourselves) and we take […]

Unauthorized Discography

Episode 12: Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope- Mouth Harp

For our final installment of Women’s History Month we are covering an album that doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves- Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope! Come back with us to 1997 for references of the beginnings of the internet, house parties, and General Hospital being woke AF. This episode will celebrate Janet’s amazing forward […]

Unauthorized Discography

Episode 7: David Bowie’s Blackstar- …in space

This week Maggie and Ashleigh dissect one of the most meta albums to come out in recent years- Blackstar by David Bowie. Track by track we talk about hidden themes and metaphors within the lyrics and the stories of some of the musical influences that made this album such a stand out. Take some time […]