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Big Bag of Nope

Episode 134: GG Allin- The King of BTFU

We are kicking off Halloween month with a pretty horrifying story. GG Allin’s life was terrible from the get-go, and it didn’t get any better as he grew up. Some think he was a legendary performer, while others see his on stage antics as downright criminal (cause they were). His unbelievable actions on and off […]

Big Bag of Nope

Bonus Episode: Christmas Songs- The Worst Of Em!

We couldn’t leave you hanging this year without a quick segment about the songs playing on current rotation that really make us want to stand in traffic. Enjoy a shorty of hot takes on just a few select popular Christmas jams (and one that’s a surprising favorite)! Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( […]