Author: RockCandy

Who's That Girl?

Episode 154: Sia – Peak Big Pharma

First she tried to make a name for herself as a singer. Then she tried to make one as a songwriter. And now, she’s both. Sia has been around a lot longer than most might realize, getting her start in the late 90s and quickly realizing that being on stage caused some real anxiety. Soon […]

Bad Reputation

Episode 152: Chaka Khan – I Feel Like I’m Pregnant

Since the 1970’s this woman has been wowing the people with her amazing voice and charisma. Chaka Khan helped to bring women of color to the forefront of rock, funk, R&B, you name it, she can do it all. But it wasn’t a straightforward path from her childhood that led her to music. It was […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 151: John Lennon Part 2 – Art Student Meet Cute

We’re wrapping up our Beatlestravaganza with the later years of Mr. John Lennon. We really rip open the onion that is this complicated human and discuss how to truly separate the artist from the art. We also realize that each Beatle tells the same story, but completely differently and talk about how being a rad […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 149: Paul McCartney Part 2 – The Apple Survey

This episode we take a look at Paul’s career after The Beatles, well, and also the long drawn out process he started when publicly announcing their disbandment. That wouldn’t be his only group project though, soon he and his wife Linda would start Wings, who would also bring him to heights of fame. We talk […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 148: Paul McCartney Part 1 – Play That Nasty Jazz

Here we begin our story on one half of the legendary Lennon-McCartney songwriting duo. Paul is a man built with charisma and determination, someone who doesn’t understand no and works hard for his success. But he has had his hurdles to jump along the way, meeting each challenge with his business savvy and positive thinking. […]