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Who's That Girl?

Episode 182: Lizzo – Spicy Bass

The newest artist we have covered to date, Lizzo has already begun to change the face of music as we know it. Not only are her songs catchy beyond belief, but they are full of messages of self love and body acceptance. Many think she was an overnight success, but nothing could be farther from […]

The be all and end all

Episode 179: Halloween Playlist Episode IV – Saliere & Mozart

It’s time again for our Halloween Playlist! At this point do we even need to explain it to you? Hope this gives you some ideas to spice up your party with! Want to support your favorite beer drinkin’ babes? Check out our Patreon!Lookin’ to rep our swag? Check out our merch store, available at TeePublic! Play […]

Bitter Rivals

Episode 178: The Misfits – Crimson Cooter

This episode is not for the Misfits fans out there. We take a long time to look at the story of this cult classic horror/punk band and we didn’t come up with a lot of proud moments for these dudes. For what it’s worth, this band was only active for about 6 years and didn’t […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 177: Smashing Pumpkins – Chub of Growth

In the 90’s, rock music took a turn from hair metal to grunge, but there were some who took a different path. The Smashing Pumpkins were a band of 4 misfits who wanted to take the psychedelic and progressive music they grew up on and give it a modern sound. When everyone said there was […]

Beyond the Band

Episode 175: New Order – 877-NAME-NOW

After the untimely end of Joy Division, the rest of the band was left to decide where to go from there. They would soon go back to work experimenting with new sounds and creating some of the most iconic songs of the 80’s that would bring together the worlds of rock and pop. It’s not […]

Music History

Episode 174: Rock Against Racism – Great, Britain

A tale that is as relevant today as it was at its origin. In response to some unsavory racists in the UK, many musicians took to their platforms to protest the toxic political ideals that were rampant during the 70s. Punks took to creating a movement that brought people together in unity and fight fascism. […]