Beyond the Band

Episode 181: Ronnie James Dio – It’s All About the He Said He Said…

Dio was one of the greatest vocalists, not just in metal, but of all time. To look upon him you wouldn’t think he held the power he did, but the minute he opened his mouth, everyone was proven wrong. He was a true work horse, starting and joining many a band throughout his lifetime. Never one to compromise, Dio stood true to his creative juices and came up with some of the best fantasy metal the world has ever heard. We tell his story, from his band geek youth, through the years he took to find his footing in the music biz, to the determined spirit that he held fast to at the end of tragically short life.

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  1. Dio is like Elvis to me. There are fantastic songs, terrible songs and various degrees of mediocrity in between, but you listen to everything because of THAT VOICE.

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