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Episode 166: Lita Ford – Oh No

Many refer to her as the Queen of Metal, and for good reason. Lita Ford got her start in music as a member of the iconic Runaways back in the 70’s. They may have only lasted a few years, but it was the education of a lifetime. Afterwards Lita would build herself a solo career like no other woman has had in metal. And boy oh boy did she have to deal with bumps along the way. Through it all she came out stronger and is still out here rocking hard for all to see!

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Comments (2)

  1. “Um, well, actually,” about Dokken, what’s often forgotten is… no, no, fuck Dokken. Goddamn, what a worthless band. Thank you!

    And now I gotta hear a couple of Lita’s albums. Harrowing story. (I gotta say, I think most metalheads have come to terms with the fact that, legendary as he may be, Tony Iommi, and yeah it is ‘eye-oh-me’, was a total piece of shit to her.) Pretty powerful way to wrap up the metal month.

    The Runaways don’t get enough credit for being one of the first genuine metal/punk hybrids, with Lita and Sandy leaning more in the Zep/Purple direction and bringing that kind of sensibility to their playing and Joan, Cherrie and Jackie coming from a New York Dolls-styled glam punk mentality. That’s the advantage of being that young – you don’t give a fuck that certain genres are “not supposed to mix”.

    A suggestion for a women-in-metal episode: Anneke van Giersbergen and her numerous bands and projects. Just amazing music.

    What you were talking about in the intro – that’s exactly the appeal for me. I don’t wanna hear some hoary dude with too much knowledge about metal, basically someone like myself. What I wanna hear is exactly what you’re doing – coming slightly from outside metal (though not completely – you definitely taught me a thing or two about Hevy Devy) and making your way through this stuff with genuine curiosity and enthusiasm. You know what, Slayer and Death are NOT easy. You knocked those out of the park!

    But don’t think us metalheads are just here for the metal – so far, I’ve enjoyed the episodes about Elvira, the true crime eps, Cass Elliot (you did her justice), The Darkness, a NOW That’s What I Call Music ep (Vol. 4, I think; I remember all those hits too – dreary times :D), Elliott Smith and Daniel Johnston, got the disco episodes cued up, as well as the Go-Go’s…

    And yeah, I’ve also listened to the epic Beatles undertaking, Nirvana, Ramones… The Nirvana three-parter had the same effect on me as it did on Ashleigh – it almost becomes impossible to enjoy the music anymore; it’s the little details that I didn’t know before that make the story so depressing.

    More – Lizzy, Lemmy, the Tap… fantastic episodes. Also, can you believe you got me listening to Dream Theater again? I hadn’t bothered with them in five years or so.

    Ok, ok, I promise to stop flooding you with insanely long comments. Brevity is not one of my virtues. 🙂 I know it’s cumbersome to deal with comments on this page, but I don’t do social media for reasons of sanity, sorry.

    Have a great summer, you’ve earned it and then some!

    • Thank you for all the high praise, Alex! We’re glad we can make an appeal to people outside of one genre. Though honestly, we find metalheads tend to be a bit more open minded when it comes to their tastes anyways. 😉
      It’s hard to find info on Anneke van Giersbergen, but she’s def worth looking into!

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