Unknown Pleasures

Episode 165: Death – Cigarette Butt On Wheels

Not the punk band, we’ve told their story already. This time we’re bringing you the story of the most influential, yet under-celebrated bands in metal, Death! Mainly the only consistent member, Chuck Schuldiner. Hear about his childhood and how he would become a non-stop creative force to change the face of the metal scene going forward. But we don’t just talk about Chuck, but we get into some other major players in the death metal scene, beyond their contributions to this band and into their many accomplishments in music and society!

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Comments (2)

  1. I’ve been listening to Death for 20 years, since slightly before Chuck’s passing (in fact, not to be too morbid, but it was the news of his cancer development that brought the band to my attention – I was 17) and I though I knew everything there was to know about them.

    You managed to dig up stuff I had no idea about – an immensely entertaining episode, even with the sad ending. It’s so weird to think that I’m 37 now, he died when he was 34, and yet I still see him as this much older person.

    The stuff about Cynic, one of my absolute favorite bands – I had no idea about that invention of Paul’s that you brought up – thank you so much for that. Sean’s death was one of the few times that I felt a kind of a personal loss over the death of someone I did not now. It can never be said enough how great Cynic was (is? – there is supposed to be a new album in the works).

    Again, thanks for bringing both these great bands to the attention of an audience that might not be familiar with them or that even wouldn’t have been interested otherwise.

    (Btw. “Mantas” – they took that from the stage name of Venom’s guitar player.)

    Alex from Belgrade

    • Thanks Alex, glad you enjoyed the episode! It’s been great to do all these stories about metal bands, infamous and lesser-known. Metal rarely gets the attention it deserves and honestly we’ve been learning so much, ourselves.

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