Bitter Rivals

Episode 159: Music on Trial with the PMRC – Impew-pew-punity

This week we bring you an episode full of comical hot takes and ranting, because that’s the only way the ridiculousness of this subject can truly be conveyed. During the height of the Regan-era, Satanic Panic was on everyone’s minds, so much so that when more and more parents began to hear some of the “explicit content” on the albums their children were listening to, one group decided to stand up to the “a-moral musicians that were tainting the brains of the children”. Except they were wrong about where to place the blame and wrong in how to go about stopping this imagined terror. We do a deep dive into the Parents Resource Music Center and their lame attempt to make rock and pop artists public enemy #1 with their war on what they deemed as offensive lyrics. All which leads to why there are stupid warnings on albums now.

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