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Episode 156: A Very Muses Playlist – with Special Guests Muses Podcast

This week is a new special playlist episode, where 4 screechy ladies bring you 12 songs that were inspired by women, men, and countries. Our friends Chanty and Lynx from the Muses Podcast come on to strut their stuff and help us tell the stories behind these songs. Also included are beer breaks, hot takes, and lots of jabs at Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. It’s a good time had by all, with more tidbits of info than we could’ve imagined.

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Comments (5)

  1. Fantastic episode! Uber-entertaining!

    Having a problem w Spotify? It’s Thursday & this episode isn’t up there yet.

    Thanks again! Party onnnnnn……..

    • Thanks for listening Danny B! Yeah, we’re working on some feed issues. Hoping to have them cleared up soon!

  2. Oh yeah, also, was not aware of the Muses podcast, so thanks for the introduction! Those ladies were so…..A…MUSING!!! 😣

    Happy now??! 😋

  3. I once saw Patti Smith perform in a big tent in an Irish field. She played “The People Who Died.” By Jim Carroll. I screamed. She looked right at me.

    Its was fucking terrifying. Her eyes are intense.

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