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Episode 143: Interview with Enoch “Skeeter” Thompson of Scream

This week we have the pleasure to present our interview with Enoch “Skeeter” Thompson, known for his place in the DC hardcore punk scene in the band Scream (you may remember them as the group Dave Grohl was a part of before Nirvana). Back in the late 70’s, Enoch joined up with his friends Franz, Kent, and Peter based around their common ground of music. Scream came soon after, the first band to release a full length album on Dischord records. We discuss the community of the DC punk scene in the 80’s, hear the best “how I got my first guitar” story, ask his thoughts and feelings on the BLM movement, and so much more.

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  1. Greetings…

    I know James. He and I played in a band – Soylent Green – together for about 1.5 years.
    Yeah, he’s a character… We had a lot of fun together in that group. I was at that reunion show at Black Cat with him in 1996.
    If he’s still in your area and contacts you, tell him I said, “Hey”, and that Mad Martha’s looking for him… Ha.

    Good show, btw.


    Ed B.,

    In Ole Virginny

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