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Episode 128: This Is Spinal Tap – with Special Guest Writer’s Bagel Basket

This episode we decide to turn to comedy in these spicy times and talk about the good times that is This Is Spinal Tap. We got some music trivia about the actors playing the band members, some quirky stories about how we ended up with some of the funniest scenes, and a few tangets of our own. In the end we have talk about the elephant in the room- Is Spinal Tap a real band? We are joined by good friend of the podcast, Scott, the host of Writer’s Bagel Basket! He brings us little nuggets of trivia that we would not have known about without his endless movie knowledge. No matter how this got made, it’s still a classic that is enjoyed by the masses.

Get more movie fun in your ears with Scott on Writer’s Bagel Basket!

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