Unauthorized Discography

Episode 126: No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom – Skrog Rock

This album was not No Doubt’s first rodeo, but it was certainly the one to put them on the map. Listen through it with us and see how it still holds up. The 90’s nostalgia is strong in this one, but in all the right ways. We discover how very much Gwen Stefani wants to get married, how the band stepped up their game despite their leader quitting, and how this is a modern day version of the album Rumors. Maggie spends most of the time being constantly reminded on how she didn’t have cable growing up, and Ashleigh discovers that she missed a bullet by not dating Gavin Rosdale.

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Comments (2)

  1. So this was the first album I bought when I was 11 years old and I’ve only now realized the “Tragic Kingdom” was about Walt Disney (he was criogenicly frozen right?)

    • I think that’s an urban legend, but also one that no one would be surprised to find out is true. 😉

      Yeah, it’s funny how much we listened to this album as kids and it’s not till adulthood that we figured out “oh, tragic kingdom… MAGIC kingdom!” And then all the metaphors in the song make sooo much sense!

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