Unsung Heroes

Episode 120: The Specials – The 2 Tone Towers

Ska may not always get the respect it deserves, but this band sure should! The Specials are the originators of 2 Tone, a style of music that fused together Jamaican ska with punk and sprinkled in some new wave here and there. They changed the game and influenced the worlds of rock and pop to come after. This band not only revolutionized music, but they brought in topics that weren’t normally discussed in popular music- racism, teenage pregnancy, economic disparity, and overall distaste with the establishment. It was everything the youth at the time wanted to hear and encouraged their peers to do the same. We talk about how they get together, how they’ve changed, and how they’ve (mostly) brought it back home. Hopefully this episode will leave you giving ska a little more respect than you may have had before. So pick it up!

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