The be all and end all

Episode 99: Top of the Rocks 2019 – Pinky on the Pulse

It’s our grand finale of 2019! Going extra long and extra strong, so get ready for hot takes that you never knew you needed. We question what the kids are into these days, discuss our favorite beers from this year at great length, discuss the choice lineup of concerts we’ve attended, and of course give you an in depth look at the songs that have been our solid 2019 jams.

We’d like to thank Pantheon Podcast Network for bringing us on this year. We’ve met so many other podcasters who love music too and learned a lot. Also a big shout out to our Patreon fam, you have supported us in ways that you can’t imagine! And of course, thank you listeners. You have given us a place to spout off our random music knowledge and hope we have brightened your commutes or helped you to impress a date with facts about music that they never asked you about. Party on, everyone. See you in 2020!

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