Bad Reputation

Episode 90: Robert Johnson – Nation Sack

We switch things up this Spooptober with a musician who isn’t scary himself, but has a legend based in dealings with the devil himself. Robert Johnson didn’t start off as the amazing bluesman we know him as, but it is speculated that he went farther than just blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. We give you the details on his all too short life and take you through his journey to the crossroads. While you listen, sip on a refreshing can of All Souls from Otter Creek Brewing and let the cool fall breeze set the mood for this chilling tale!

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Comments (4)

  1. Okay so, between calling out Taco Bell for the delicious sand beef nightmare that it is and Nation Sacks. This was a fucking great episode. 🤣

  2. My tummy bubbles comment got pushed aside for telling Maggie to Sack Up. The Ashleigh said sack religious, scientific spider fingers stuff and nonlinear math. I am going for it anyway.

    Sack up, Maggie!
    Party on Ashleigh!

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