Who's That Girl?

Episode 81: Robyn – She Made Her Own Rage Room

Today we are talking about an icon and a legend, Robyn. She came onto the scene in the 90’s with a smooth pop hit song and when she was just about to reach the height of her fame, she walked away so she could pursue music the way she wanted. Little did she know when she first came out how much she would shape and mold the world of pop music as we know it. Always a trend setter, many have attempted to copy her musical stylings, only to come up a little short. But she has already given us so much in her discography in such a short amount of time, it makes sense that her story is an impressive one. So grab yourself a BaklaBot from Pipeworks Brewing company and you won’t be dancing on your own through this episode!

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  1. Before this episode I was debating on if I should download Spotify or not. Now I’m thinking maybe not, I don’t need another Dr. Rockso app in my life. 😂

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