Episode 70: Elliott Smith- The Woodwind Boys

In our continuing series for Mental Health Awareness month, we talk depression with the amazing singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. You may be surprised when we tell you what fantastic movie soundtracks you may remember him from. Covering his abusive childhood, to his struggles to create his music despite the things that hindered him from wanting success. But the end twist might really throw you for a loop, it certainly did for us. It might help ease the tale if you sip on some Willful Delusions of False Perceptions from Foreign Objects beer company.

Comments (4)

  1. Seems to me that the family never really pushed the police to investigate because if Chiba did go to trial she’d throw Smith’s childhood in their faces as support for his suicide and that wasn’t a can of worms they’d want opened.

    • That is a valid point. Their total silence on everything is pretty indicative that they really didn’t want (or maybe even know how) to talk about Elliott’s mental state and substance abuse.

  2. Pretty heart-rending stuff. It was so sad to read what a great brother he was and how sweet he always was to his younger siblings. Clearly a very sensitive, talented, kind soul who was badly served by life.

    • Yeah, and to lose such a musical talent was a blow as well.
      It all just makes his story more important and why we wanted to bring it in for Mental Health Awareness Month. If he could’ve gotten the kind of help back then that you get now, what could’ve happened? Makes you wonder.

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