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Episode 63: Favorite Movie Soundtracks- With Special Guest Pint O’ Comics

We’re takin’ it easy this week with an episode of pure Rock Candy indulgence! We took a little trip out of state to visit our friends at the Pint O’ Comics podcast to sit around a table, drink beers, and talk about our favorite movie soundtracks. From the ones that we loved at youths to as recently as just a couple years ago, these are the playlists built for a purpose that still have heavy rotations in our hearts. But don’t expect too much in the way of education here kids, there’s have a lot of bar room chat, including discussions of curse words and how awesome beer is. So kick back with a Breakfast Klob from Mikkeler or Episode 13 from B Nektar and listen to 5 drunks go off!

Go check out our friends at Pint O’ Comics:

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