Beyond the Band

Episode 51: Queen Part 1- Beyond The Mercury

We are kicking off this year with the deepest dig of our heaviest hitters. Queen is a band with a myriad of hits and four stand-out talents contributing on every album, but many only know a handful of songs and know that Freddie had a mustache in the 80’s. But this band has one of the most amazing stories that we feel the need to tell. Here we talk about how four over-achievers met in University and trudged through the garbage heap of the music industry to begin to make their worldwide mark. So enjoy a nice bottle of Ommegang’s Queen of the Seven Kingdoms while you listen to the epic history of the greatest rock band to grace this planet.


  • 40 Years of Queen by Harry Doherty
  • Queen Unseen by Peter Hince
  • Days of Our Lives (documentary film)

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