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Episode 47: Spice Girls- I Don’t Think That’s Her Thing

This week we take some time to celebrate Girl Power! This girl group came out of left field and shot up to worldwide success faster than you could imagine. They turned the pop world on its head for women with their songs sprouting positivity and the importance of friendship. But the hard work and dedication through the non-stop schedule took its toll on all five ladies in a big way. So high kick back with a can of Holiday Donut Cookie from Platform Beer Co. and hear the story of the rise, fall, and kind of rise again of the Spice Girls!

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  1. Just got into the Spice Girls again since the reunion was announced around the time of this podcast—after which it just dropped out of my radar because one deals with The Real Life and there was no way I would even see it unless they come to my part of the world—and then picking it up again AFTER the actual tour became visible on YouTube spurred by a “oh, what happened to THAT tour again?” moment.

    So among the recently “getting into the SG moments” moments is getting to know them all over again: the albums, the past interviews and videos, the songs, the “moments.”

    Like even listening to current podcasts that pop up on a search—as random topics (i.e. “requested”), or those by dedicated SG fans girls/boys/girls and boys/British/American/Asian/a combination of all them: the whole candy package as long as they’re in Englsh.

    I have to say this, hands down, is one of the best I’ve given a listen to, if not the Best.
    How they were lost in our orbit at the turn of the century, on Victoria “making the fans happy” and Meatloaf as a conceptual replacement…

    It’s funny, hilarious, identifiable, not patronizing, on point, enjoyable.

    And a download option, too, which is nice so I can listen or share it with friends offline because you read and based it off a timeline which takes the load off of me for when that happens. Which again is also nice.

    So thank you and keep it up, ladies.

    PS. In the sea of things music as you are wont to cover, might there be a post-tour or follow-up cast? (I still can’t get put a finger on why they were influential as they were/are (not in the sense of Madonna pop influence, of course), but they still managed to expand the 2019 tour dates and made celebrities pack their bags and pick theirs over other nostalgia-reunion shows in England at the same time as theirs; or perhaps how or why they seemingly were the final nudge for similar [global girl group] to re-form, if not [to be reportedly] working on finally re-uniting).

    • Thank you so much for all the kind words! We’re so glad you enjoyed it.
      There’s always a chance we can revisit the story of the Spice Girls, especially if some kind of long lasting reunion comes from the current tour. 🙂

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