Beyond the Band

Episode 30: Heart- If 3’s Company

Never has a voice had the ability to shake you to the core like Ann Wilson, and never has a story had more ups and downs than Heart. This week we cover their journey from small family band to super mega-stars and everything in-between. From rumors of incest to collaborations with grunge rockers, they’ve got it all. So go get yourself a Valley of the Heart’s Desire from Almanac Beer Company and snuggle close with that hitchhiker you picked up while you listen to the tell tale of Heart.

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  1. The hosts offer air headed young dumb comments. If you are a bra burning man hating nutty woman you’ll love these two! I’m sure they mean well, they just don’t know anything, about anything, except pop bs culture. Maybe they will grow out of their condition some day, some do, some don’t.

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