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Episode 17: Norwegian Black Metal Part 1- Step 4=Profit

Welcome to the first episode of METAL MAY-NIA! This week is Part 1 of our telling of the story of 80’s-90’s Norwegian Black Metal. Tales of burning churches and committing murder in the name of Satan (or in the name of saving face), and let’s not forget about the suicides and crop tops. Would they have been better off with a Hot Topic to burn down? Delve in with us along with two tasty brews- Satan’s Gut by Rare Form Brewing and Dead Guy Ale by Rogue Brewing.

Lords of Chaos by Didrik Søderlind and Michael Moynihan
Spin Article- Satan’s Cheerleaders by Darcey Steinke

Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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