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Episode 12: Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope- Mouth Harp

For our final installment of Women’s History Month we are covering an album that doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves- Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope! Come back with us to 1997 for references of the beginnings of the internet, house parties, and General Hospital being woke AF. This episode will celebrate Janet’s amazing forward thinking and discuss the depths of her depression, body image issues, and a slew of other important topics. We’ve found that you can turn this into a solid drinking game with the words “Deep” and “Introspective”. So kick back with a Troegs Java Head Stout and learn yourself something!

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  1. Damn – you guys went deep with this one. (See what I did there?)
    Seriously though….this is my favorite Janet album of all time so it was really interesting to hear your perspectives. It’s fucking brilliant.

    Will be sharing it on the twitter and the face place and the internets. Bravo!
    I was hoping you’d mention how ‘Special’ cuts off abruptly and Janet states “….work in progress…..”
    It’s just incredibly raw and real and genuine and kickass.

    Thoroughly entertaining listen! Thank you.

    • Oh man, you’re right, I totally forgot to mention “work in progress”! It’s like a final gut punch to your soul at the very end. Glad you enjoyed it, this was the first time I listened to the album all the way through and it really spoke to me.

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